What is Natural Wine?

Despite the fact that the term Natural Wine is one of the most debated and polarizing topics in the wine industry, the idea is very simple: Natural is the purest form of the Wine. Understanding Natural Wine requires a basic understanding of the complex winemaking process.


Let’s start with the question: WHAT IS WINE?

In simplest terms: Wine is the juice squeezed from grapes and then fermented. Wine has been described as the perfect beverage because the grapes NATURALLY contain all the ingredients necessary to create their transformation into wine. During the fermentation, yeast consumes sugar from the juice and turns it to alcohol.

Unfortunately, in today’s winemaking, apart from grapes more than 100 additives are legally allowed to be used. These are man-made acids, colorings, flavorings, aromatics, gelatines, lab-grown yeasts, lots of sulfites, and much more. So, winemaking these days became more of chemistry than a craft. And these wines make 99% of whole winemaking.

Why is this the case? Well, because without these compounds effort needed to produce great wine is enormous and the route is risky.


Let’s get back to the question: WHAT IS NATURAL WINE?

Natural is a wine that has been made from the grapes only, and only from the grapes that are chemically untreated. Grapes, that are naturally grown, sugar, yeasts all the ingredients are natural and fermentation itself happens naturally. This is the way how wine has been made for ages. Yet, somehow today it has become a rarity.

Natural winemaking is so complex and often unpredictable, that very few producers are brave and passionate enough to pursue this challenging route.


What about flavor?

To us, Natural Wine is most associated with the words:  AUTHENTIC and ALIVE. Each bottle has the ability to speak a language of unique flavor and distinction. These are wines with strong personalities and reflection of the place, year, and individuals who made them. Because they are usually unfiltered (technique believed to strip flavor from wine), Natural Wines can often appear cloudy and have harmless sediment at the bottom of the bottle, which shouldn’t be perceived as wine defect.

We believe that only one sip of the Natural Wine is enough to appreciate its bright, lively, and sometimes wild character. We promise, you’ll never look back!